Atexto creates, collects, annotates and transcribes audio to train machine learning models for speech recognition


High Quality

We use the best technology and humans for voice processing and ASR optimization

All types of businesses

The information to feed artificial intelligence algorithms apply to a wide variety of companies and businesses

Multiple languages

We provide services in a large number of languages and accents as we have human contributors around the world

Why choose Atexto?

The highest accuracy

Our technology allows us to offer the highest precision within the market average. We can improve the accuracy of your ASR by 5% to 30%.


Variety of cases

There are many applications of Artificial Intelligence in speech recognition. The use of ASR can benefit, for example, the customer experience at the contact points, improve processes and detect fraud situations.

Hybrid model

We combine the latest audio-to-text technology with a series of levels of human participation that allow us to build and deliver data with true value for your business.


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use cases

audio transcription

Audio or video to text

For audio information to be useful it is necessary to transform it into written text. Atexto achieves maximum precision and quality in the delivery of the project given its multi-layered workflow in which both technology and human understanding intervene. With a large base of collaborators around the world, we can make transcripts in the language that is necessary.


data annotation

In machine learning
The annotation in machine learning is the process of labeling data, which can be in the form of text, images, audio, etc. With this, computers can use the annotated data to learn to recognize similar patterns when new data is presented.
Atexo is the best way to teach machines to listen, understand and respond to humans automatically. With our own crowdsourcing platform of +270,000 people, we transform unstructured recordings into high-quality datasets to train AI for voice recognition. Atexto provides a 100% confidential solution in a cost-effective and scalable way.

audio collection

Why Audio + Transcription?
This service helps our customers get an expedited, clean source of training data sets to boost Speech Recognitions performance for the real world without the hassle of generating, gathering, processing the audio. Avoiding the complexities of data ownership, providing a GDPR compliant product.
Our à la carte experience allows clients to ask for languages and accents as needed. Includes: 1000 hours of audio + 100% human transcriptions / audio: tv + radio + public sessions recorded from console / transcription: human transcription with 98% accuracy

audio labeling

Audio categorization

Each project can be adjusted to the particular needs so that each business discovers deeper information about the audio to analyze. With the technology and capacity of our collaborators around the world, we can determine the intention and emotion in each phrase, categorize the topics in a conversation, identify any important event in a short fragment of recorded audio.


Acoustic model

Data set for customized acoustic model training in Spanish language.
  • Benefit: Between 10 and 15% more accuracy in your ASR.
  • Ready in 10 business days.
€15.000 / one time
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Linguistic model

Phrases for the continuous re-training of customized linguistic model in Spanish language.
  • Benefit: Around 5% more accuracy in your ASR.
  • Ready in minutes.
€0,02 / datapoint
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Compatibility with all asr TECHNOLOGIES



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