Access labeled speech data from people all over the world

Atexto is the most powerful platform to improve speech recognition accuracy, fairness, and language support through customized voice data collected in hours, not months.

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Make your voice-based product smarter with data

Access labeled speech data from thousands of individuals from all over the world and obtain insights about the precision and bias of your model.
We provide superior quality training datasets and management tools for your speech recognition engine through various solutions:
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Create and manage speech datasets

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Annotate text and speech at lightspeed

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Active audiences in all geographies
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Benchmark models and competitors

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Compatible with every platform:

As easy as ordering pizza

We provide AI the super-food it needs to be strong.

  • Faster: In Atexto we deliver high-quality speech datasets  up to 10 times faster than our competition.

  • Better:  “Chihuahua” the state or “Chihuahua” the dog? Our annotators consider the context to that possible ambiguity.

  • Global: With more than a million contributors worldwide, we make sure that only native speakers make the annotations you need.
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How to Improve your ML Model's Accuracy?

Atexto is your one-stop shop to gather, tag, and train quality models for speech recognition. 

  • Increase Accuracy
  • Detect and Reduce Bias
  • Expand Language Support
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WorkHub - Editor
Voci Technologies is the industry leader in Contact Center speech recognition solutions and services. Atexto offers high-quality data, delivery speed, and pricing which is essential in developing our language models and makes them the easy choice as our go-to partner. 
Tim Wallick
VP of Operations at Voci Technologies
We have a lot of raw data to label, and we found in Atexto software the way to start the ML training process that fits our needs.
Stephanie Cuchacovich-Sauer
CEO & Co-founder at JobOk

Ready to Improve Accuracy, Your Business?

Atexto Accuracy Platform enables data teams to manage tasks, projects, and teamwork related to speech recognition data and models for machine learning training. Create your free account.

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