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Atexto provides a Speech Data Software Platform and Services to increase the accuracy of speech recognition and speech to text systems. Ultimately enhancing the capabilities of your Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models.

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Your one-stop solution for Speech Models

With Atexto, not only you can create, manage and edit datasets hassle-free online with an easy drag-and-drop UI, but you can also access a crowd of taskers. 

We provide complex, clean and exhaustive data annotated files for your alogrithms to grow strong and wise. Try it today:

  • Speech to Text
  • Text to Speech
  • Speech Data Annotation
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Need Datasets? We've got you.

Atexto is your one-stop hub to manage all of your speech data needs.

Speech to Text Datasets

Train models to understand both content and context with our Natural Language Processing (NLP) workflows

As easy as ordering pizza! High quality, volume and speed text data delivered up to 10 times faster than our competition. Our work is guaranteed and is of the highest quality. “Chihuahua” the state or “Chihuahua” the dog? Our annotators consider the context to thwart possible ambiguity.

With more than half a million contributors worldwide, we make sure that only native speakers make annotations in the text.

Text to Speech Datasets

Text to Speech Datasets

Get copyright free / open source audio collected and transcribed for ML training with Atexto. Receive both the audio + Transcription in an easy-to-use AI that enables your company to scale. 

We offer our customers a fast and clean source of Training Data Sets to improve ASR performance without the hassle of generating, collecting, processing audio.

Avoiding complexities of data ownership, providing a product compatible with the GDPR / CCPA regulation.

Sentiment Annotation for NLP Datasets

Sentiments are providing helpful insights that often drive business decisions. Sentences are annotated as positive, negative, or neutral when training a machine learning model to analyze sentiments. Our text annotation tool will speedup your sentiment annotation.


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Ready to train your ML model?

Atexto is the world's largest Speech Data community with over 1 million taskers. Get started today with us and receive premium quality, clean and extense datasets for your  Machine Learning models quickly.

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