ASR Training Simple and Fast

Make your software applications understand and talk to your customers. Use WER to compare in minutes the accuracy of your custom ASR models, or versus Amazon Transcribe, IBM Watson, VoiceBase, DeepGram, Voci and more. 

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With our ASR Comparison Software:

  • Benchmark WER % against the leading ASRs.

  • Test your own ASR output with SCLITE (deletions, insertions, substitutions).

  • Upload your audio and transcription reference files.

  • Verify Hypothetical files.

  • Test your different audio/transcription

    domains and languages.

  • Manage and plan your next data projects with the information you need.

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Integrated with SCLite to guarantee reliable WER metrics

Leverage speech recordings from domains of interest to increase training datasets. IID samples, Scripted/Spontaneous, Near/Far- Field mic, 1/2 way, 8-44 kHz.

Enhance your capabilities with our API (REST) for Human Audio Transcription and Post Editing Services and even use our UI or FTP.

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SST Accuracy


Why SST Accuracy Matters

Customer experience now serves as a key brand differentiator, with Gartner reporting that 89% of companies compete primarily based on customer experience.

Positive interactions drive loyalty and advocacy, while negative interactions drive customers out the door.


Key Aspects of SST Accuracy

  • Overall accuracy: Measuring WER
  • Specific word accuracy: High Value words, Action words and NPS.
  • Diarization accuracy: Who is speaking when?
  • ASR engine tuning: product terms, brand names and industry jargon.
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How to Test and Measure STT Accuracy

  • Prepare a reference file Create a hypothesis file
  • Measure the accuracy of your hypothesis file
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Additional Aspects Impacting STT Technology Success

  • Speed

    Low STT latency is required for applications.

  • Completeness

    Punctuation, capitalization and number formatting Rich metadata to enable advanced analytics. Multiple language and dialect support Redaction and encryption for security.

  • Simplicity

    REST APIs are best. Optional Settings are available in Atexto.

  • Flexibility

    Scalable and adaptable to changing business demands.

  • Vendor track record:

    History of ease of use and roadmap of growth.

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Make your software applications understand and talk to your customers.

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