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Atexto is the definition of reliability. With our community of over one million taskers, we are ready to take on your next AI project. We helped dozens of companies position themselves as leaders. Learn how.

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Our customers are companies that use Atexto to improve their machine learning models in a wide range of use cases including call centers, voice assistants, regulatory surveillance, speech to text analytics, and more.

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Just "OK" is not OK.

Business-changing enablement

At Atexto we make it our mission help our clients grow. By providing quality Speech Training Data, we understand not only that we give companies a tool, but that by doing so we are a part of the next generation of billion-dollar companies scale. 

  • Speech Analytics
  • Healthcare
  • Conversational AI 
  • Software
  • Finance
  • Government
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WER: No compromises

WER or World Error Rate is the world's standar to measure and compare ASR systems. 

With our tool you can compare any two transcriptions to make better decisions. 

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Your Domain, our Domain

Atexto's community works from home all over the world. We constantly run campaigns to have people from different ethnicities, races, genders, regions and ages in our platform. We assign each member with a reliability number and our platforms then arranges for edits or proofreads accordingly.

This makes Atexto a highly reliable source of speech data, as well as enabling people to work from home and make money.

  • Agent
  • Automobile
  • Contact / Call Center
  • Conversational AI
  • Dictation
  • Healthcare
  • VR
  • Wearables

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Our services:


Data Labelling

Chief Education Officer

Atexto is the most reliable tool to obtain accurate, high value Speech Data. By focusing on speech data alone, we offer a broad variety of languages, ensuring we are your one-stop company to meet your Speech Training needs.


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Data Collection

We provide data collection services to improve machine learning at scale. We can quickly deliver large volumes of high-quality data across multiple data types, including image, video, speech, audio, and text for your specific AI program needs.

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Synthetic Data generation

Director of Academics

We take data augmentation to the next level, by synthetically expanding your training dataset and enhancing it to obtain better results.

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Atexto is the world's largest Speech Data community with over 1 million taskers. Get started today with us and receive premium quality, clean and extense datasets for your  Machine Learning models quickly.

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