Security & Compliance

Whether AI for your company is transactional or the core of your business, your data and your purchase is protected with us. If you wish to receive more information on our cybersecurity practices and a detailed report on our data exchange process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our infrastructure is hosted inside secure AWS servers within dedicated Amazon data centers. AWS holds the highest level of standards, ISO certified with constant monitoring to guarantee security, reliability and uptime. Additionally we perform PEN Testing on our platforms every six months and this can be available to our clients.


Project Data Confidenciality

We use a live human and Crowdsourcing platform (Atexto Workhub) approach to gather Quality Data. To protect our data we create projects with data segmentation and with PII in mind. No transcriber has access to protected data or capable of downloading any project files and usually a single project is split within several users. We maintain control of the audio and the transcript files at all times.

Quality Assurance

Transcribers have success scores and pass a rigorous test to participate in a project. This ensures quality and rehire of our contractors. This is also monitored by internal QA and Linguists within the Atexto Project Delivery team.



We perform background checks of all our employees involved in data projects. Additionally we sign NDA and data protection legal contracts. Crowdworkers are also legally bound when participating on a project.


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