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We can support and generate voice and transcriptions data from all major languages and more; domains of interest with accents and geo combinations.

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Expand Language Support Across all Regions and Profiles

Whether you need Scripted or Spontaneous Data Sets we can help you with hundreds of combinations of languages and domains and help you build the intents and utterances you need.

We have successfully completed projects in the following languages:

English Russian Thai
Spanish Indonesian Polish
Italian Turkish Romanian
French Chinese Swedish
German Ukrainian Czech
Hungarian Greek Hebrew
Danish Catalan Norwegian
Vietnamese Finnish Portuguese
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Parallel Annotation of Speech and Text

Would you like to see how Atexto transcribes and collects data? 

Download a free data set in English here. 

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Atexto's unique metholody makes it easy to launch in any country, region and language. Quote any project with us to receive a detailed timeline for your project. 

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