Transcribe audio and video into text- in any language

Atexto offers you the power of over 1 million transcribers around the globe with 99.9% accuracy. Get accurate transcription NLP models with real human data.

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Tailored training data for Speech and text processing Technologies

Use our powerful platform to train and improve the accuracy of your AI models. 


Healthcare, Conversational AI, Speech Analytics, Wearables and more. Any domain you need, we got it. 

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Improve accuracy, get better ML models and provide superior products with our training data. 

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Your data is safe with us. Learn how the biggest companies in the world train their data through our secure platform. 

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Every language

We do not exaggerate when we say, any language. Our processes enable us to train data from any region and language in the world. 

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We provide a product up to the highest GDPR/CCPA standards. 

Why our Clients Choose Us:

  • Speech recognition
  • Multi-language
  • Speaker identification
  • Domain-specific models
  • Audio search engine
  • Editing tools
  • Export transcript
  • Powerful platform 
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Free transcription dataset Download

Click here to download a free complete dataset of transcriptions in the English Language. 

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