Gather Real Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-text Data

 We offer our customers a fast and clean source of Training Datasets to improve ASR performance without the hassle of generating, collecting, processing audio.

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All kinds of Speech Data

Atexto is your one-stop-shop to purchase copyright free data for your speech models.

Avoid complexities of data ownership. We provide a product up to the highest GDPR/CCPA standards. 

Benefits of Using Atexto

  • GDPR compliant
  • CCPA compliant
  • Tailored for your domain and use case
  • Any language
  • Copyright free
  • Unlike synthetic data, ours is real, generated by humans
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Detect and Remove AI Bias

With Atexto Custom-Built Data Sets for ML Speech Recognition Development, you can choose and model your data to include anything you might be leaving out!

Interaction Bias

The number of interactions can outweigh the decision making and create a bubble.

Latent Bias      

Building datasets where there is an incline of characteristics can eliminate the smaller samples.

Selection Bias

Is your selection of data representative of a larger sample? We ensure diversity in our datasets.

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Tailored training data for Speech and text processing Technologies

Voice Utterances

Make every user heard.
By building fully customized speech models with precision audio collection and annotation, for the desired use case, domain or intent, and even demographic distribution, and recording device type.

Text Utterance

Aimed to decode unstructured text.
We help you train models to interpret complex text with annotation templates designed to delve into the contextual nuance of written language. This improves prediction algorithms and chatbots performance among other AI systems.


Free transcription dataset Download

Click here to download a free complete dataset of transcriptions in the English Language. 

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