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Learn all the ways Atexto can boost your product by providing AI's quality food: premium data. 

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Create Voice Data Projects, Easy

  • Choose Language, Country of Residence, Country of Origin, Mother Language

  • Insert your domain created prompts and intents

  • Collect Scripted and Spontaneous Data.

  • Collect Fresh Voice Utterances

  • Transcribe everything to the highest accuracy

  • Curate with a Human touch and QA team

  • Get the metadata you need (city/town, province/state, country, age, genre, ethnic origin and locale)

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Measure and Improve Accuracy

Provide business-changing insights with your AI with accuracy that really transforms your client's experience.  

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Detect and Remove Bias         

Ethical AI is no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity. Remove biases with our diverse community in race, gender, age and region. 

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Expand Language Support

Did you spend a massive amount of time building a successful product in a language that you now can expand?

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Detect and Remove AI Bias

With Atexto Custom-Built Data Sets for ML Speech Recognition Development, you can choose and model your data to include anything you might be leaving out!

Interaction Bias

The number of interactions can outweigh the decision making and create a bubble.

Latent Bias      

Building datasets where there is an incline of characteristics can eliminate the smaller samples.

Selection Bias

Is your selection of data representative of a larger sample? We ensure diversity in our datasets.

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Tailored training data for Speech and text processing Technologies

Voice Utterances

Make every user heard.
By building fully customized speech models with precision audio collection and annotation, for the desired use case, domain or intent, and even demographic distribution, and recording device type.

Text Utterance

Aimed to decode unstructured text.
We help you train models to interpret complex text with annotation templates designed to delve into the contextual nuance of written language. This improves prediction algorithms and chatbots performance among other AI systems.

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